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About the Book

Designed to help society overcome its fear and shame regarding vulva, Vulva 101 features closeup photos of one hundred and one women's vulvas, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. Each page focuses on one woman's vulva from three different angles. It also highlights the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the women involved, and the natural, unique beauty of the female form.


“Congratulations to Vulva 101. It’s the perfect confluence of art and sex–which makes it a work of political provocation. Both the subject and the provocation deserve celebration.”

Dr. Marty Klein, Sexual Intelligence Read the full review

“The diversity within its pages is astonishing and beautiful. Any woman who feels that her vulva is ugly, strange-looking or unappealing in any way should flip through its pages.”

Toronto Sun, Sex Files Read the full review

“A fascinating photographic exploration of a part of the female body that is so desired, so complex and so discussed—but so very rarely considered. Each page is as unique invitation to learn and experience more.”

Jon Pressick, Co-Host, Sex City Radio www.ciut.fm

About the Author: Hylton Coxwell

With a background ranging from journalism, publishing and photography to computer programming and languages, along with an insatiable curiosity of the world around us, Hylton explores a hidden topic in his first book ‘Vulva 101’. Born in 1976 near Belleville, Ontario (Canada), Hylton moved to Hiroshima, Japan in the mid- 90’s to study Japanese and various martial arts. Having returned to the Belleville area, he now teaches self-defense classes, mostly to women, and owns several small businesses.

Photo Credit: Jenn Munro